Win-Win Negotiations

buy viagra online australia paypal Win-Win NegotiationsNegotiations are not immune from misunderstandings, for instance, when a patient negotiates with a physician’s assistant to set a convenient date and time for an appointment, or when two parties become involved in a negotiation for scheduling a time of their meeting. Negotiation also takes place between an employee and the human resources department of an organization over salary and benefits.

can i buy Keppra over the counter in spain In many cultures, it is customary that after a short greeting, all parties in a negotiation begin to interact with each other as they value efficiency. In other cultures, effectiveness is valued and achieved by going through the process of trust and friendship-building. Therefore, the ability to analyze the cultural environment of a corporation and to adapt a suitable negotiation approach is an essential part of a successful leadership.

here Piaget Consulting will provide a number of cases to deepen our understanding of the nature and dynamics of negotiations. Finally, a selected “do’s and don’ts of negotiations in cross-cultural landscapes” will be analyzed.