betnovate price rehabilitate Welcome to Piaget Consulting we are an innovative and creative team that makes things. Keep reading to learn about what we can do for your business.

Powerful Options

resolve robaxin cost Take on the challenge of going beyond national boundaries for market expansion, outsourcing, and access to more cost effective resources.

Useful Tools Proudly,  we are a team of PhDs with practical expertise in transcultural business, marketing and management.

Quality Support

buy neurontin with paypal Our founder, Bagher Fardanesh, has lived in several countries in the Middle East and Western Europe, as well as in the United States and Canada.

Situational Learning Provide awareness of various situations and types of misunderstandings, within cross-cultural settings, focusing on interpersonal, management, marketing, and business communication.

Flexible Features

At Piaget Consulting we provide you with superlative consulting, seminars and training programs to further your organizational competitiveness in international environments.

Translation Ready

No matter the country, region, or culture your business is dealing with, Piaget Consulting can customize a bridge to build success. We are multi-lingual with an in-depth appreciation and understanding of multicultural settings.

Recent News

Have a look at a day in the life of Piaget Consulting and keep up with current events.

Marketing Ambiguity in Cross-Cultural Communication: Commercials - Part 2

Commercials Effective commercial campaigns are critically important; otherwise, ineffective promotions will lead to failures and disappointments. This section…

GE Lands $2.6-billion Deal To Supply Indian Railway

GE lands $2.6-billion deal to supply Indian railway

The Wall Street Journal writes that US based General Electric (GE) had won a bid for a $2.6 billion…

Ambiguity In Product Promotion

Ambiguity in Product Promotion

Marketing Ambiguity in Cross-Cultural Communication with Success   The field of marketing is not immune to the intentional…

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